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Height Gauges
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Height Gauges

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Dial Height Gauge

Size Reading
150mm 0.02mm

This precision dial height gauge provides accurate measurements with readings in 0.001" increments.


  • Fine adjustment and lock
  • Shockproof stainless steel construction

Vernier Height Gauge

 Size Reading Magnifier
200mm 0.02mm No
300mm/12" 0.02mm/0.001" No
500mm/20" 0.02mm/0.001" No


  • Beam and slide are hardened stainless steel
  • High accuracy measuring faces
  • Chrome plated scale
  • Heavy base for greater stability and rigidity
  • Carbide tipped scriber

Digital Height Gauge

 Size Weight
300mm/12" 2kg
500mm/200" 2.5kg

Included with the gauge:

  • Carbide tipped scriber
  • Universal attachment
  • Battery and instructions