1. Prices and Chester guarantee
  2. Delivery
  3. Viewing Chester machines in person
  4. Choosing the right machine
  5. Product specifications
  6. Used machines
  7. After sales support
  8. Anything else


Prices and Chester Guarantee

    Do your prices include VAT?
    • All our prices include VAT at 20%.
      What guarantee is included with your products?
      • All of our products have a warranty of 12 months from the date of delivery. You can find more information about our warranty on the Terms and Conditions page.
        What payments do you accept?
        • We accept all major credit/debit cards including American Express (online only), bank transfer, PayPal and we even have a 12 month interest free finance option.
          When will my payment be taken?
          • For online orders, payment is taken automatically when you place your order. For orders using Klarna finance, a deposit is taken at the time of order and then once your order has been received, the monthly payments will begin. For purchases in our showroom, payment is taken there and then using cash or credit/debit cards on a card machine. For orders over the telephone, payment will be processed prior to delivery.


            How much is delivery and how long will it take?
            • For tooling and accessories, delivery is free to UK mainland addresses and is usually delivered within 1-2 working days. Delivery costs for machines vary depending on size and weight and is displayed on each product page.
              How much is delivery overseas?
              • We are happy to quote for delivery anywhere in the world, just contact us with your address and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a cost.
                How will my machine be delivered?
                • This varies according to the size of weight of the machine but generally machines are delivered on a pallet and dropped to the curb by the carrier. You will be responsible for moving the machine into place.
                  Will I get prior notice of the delivery day?
                  • Yes. For machine orders, as soon as your order has been processed we will give you a call to arrange a delivery day with you. If you are collecting your order then we will also arrange a day with you.

                    Viewing Chester machines in person

                    Do you have a showroom?
                    • Yes. We are very proud of our showroom in Hawarden, North Wales. You can see all current machines and our range of tooling and accessories and you can ask our staff any questions you may have. The showroom is open all year round, during the week from 8:30am to 5pm. For more information see the Visit Us page.
                    Will the machine delivered be the same quality as the one in the showroom or at the shows?
                          • The machines in our showroom and at our shows do not receive any special preparation. They are all standard stock, exactly the same as you would receive if ordering one. This is the same for all tooling and accessories.

                            Choosing the right machine

                            What's the difference between a metric and imperial machine?
                            • The dials and lead screws will be setup with either metric or imperial measurements. Most of our machines can be used for both metric and imperial thread cutting by use of change gears (supplied). Please check with us before purchase to make sure.
                              How do i choose between a variable speed, belt drive or gear head machine?
                              • This simply comes down to personal preference. The key differences of each type is the method of speed control.
                              • Variable speed machines are very easy to control speed. They often have a single belt or gear to switch between a high or low speed range. Once a speed range is set the speed can be controlled by a convenient dial on the front of the machine which controls the speed electronically.
                              • Belt drive machines are a little more complicated. These typically require belt changes to adjust speed. Some engineers prefer this as it can offer a little protection against overloading the machine as the belts will slip under heavy load. Belt drive systems also contains fewer electronic parts.
                              • Gear head machines utilise a gear box. Changing speeds is easily done by moving appropriate levers into various positions. These machines often have the largest capacities.


                                Product specifications

                                Do your lathes have metal or plastic gears?
                                    • Only our Conquest lathes and mills have a plastic sacrificial gear. This is to protect the workings of the machine from over use, the gear with break before anymore damage can be done internally. All our other machines have metal gears.
                                    What does X, Y or Z axis mean on DROs or power feeds?
                                    • X axis = longitudinal (lengthways) travel
                                    • Y axis = cross (front to back) travel
                                    • Z axis = Knee (vertical) travel


                                      Used machines

                                      Do you sell any ex-demo or second hand machines?
                                      • Chester open weeks are the best opportunity to buy any ex-demo or used machines. The majority of ex-demo machines is saved for these events. Occasionally we will have some ex-demo machines listed in the Ex-Demo section of our web shop. It is worth checking regularly or calling us if you are looking for something in particular.


                                        After sales support

                                        My machine won't start?
                                        • All our machines have microswitches to prevent the machine from running if any cover or guard is open or disengaged. If your machine does not start at all then you should ensure all guards and covers are fully closed and engaged. If you still have problems beyond this then please contact us as all our machines are thoroughly checked before despatch to ensure everything works 100%, so we will be quickly able to resolve any issues you are encountering.
                                          I bought a back plate and it will not fit my lathe collet chuck, what can i do?
                                          • Our backplates are supplied semi machined to fit the appropriate spindle. This means that some machining will be required by yourself to fit your particular application. please contact us for further information on this.
                                            How do i go about returning something?
                                            • Just contact us and we'll do the rest.


                                              Anything else

                                              • I have a question that isn't here, what can i do?
                                                • Please feel free to contact us, we're here to help.