High Precision Rotary Tables

High Precision Rotary Tables

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 Model Table Diameter Table Height Bolt Slots Centre Sleeve Weight
HHV-100 110mm 26mm 18 MT2 7.5kg
HHV-150 150mm 92mm 18 MT2 12.5kg
HHV-200 200mm 120mm 18 MT3 31kg
HHV-250 250mm 120mm 18 MT3 48.5kg
HHV-300 300mm 140mm 18 MT4 77kg
HHV-350 350mm 140mm 18 MT4 98kg
HHV-400 400mm 140mm 18 MT5 130kg



The work table is graduated 360º around its circumference and is driven by a precision worm and gear providing a 90:1 reduction ratio.

One turn of the handle moves the table through 4º.  The dial is graduated in divisions of 1 min. and the vernier scale allows readings down to 10 seconds.

The worm is hardened and precision ground.  Both the upper and lower surfaces are precision ground.