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Vernier Callipers

 Size Reading Weight
150mm/6" 0.02mm/0.001" 0.5kg
200mm/8" 0.02mm/0.001" 0.5kg
300mm/12" 0.02mm/0.001" 1kg


Dial Calipers

 Size Reading Weight
150mm 0.02mm 0.5kg
200mm 0.02mm 0.5kg
6" 0.001" 0.5kg
8" 0.001" 0.5kg

 These dial callipers are of stainless steel construction and have hardened inside and outside knife edges.  Adjustment is made by means of a knurled thumb roll.  Each calliper s supplied boxed.

Digital Calipers

 Size Weight
75mm/3" 0.2kg
100mm/4" 0.2kg
150mm/6" 0.5kg
200mm/8" 0.5kg
300mm/12" 1kg
500mm/20" 2kg
1000mm/40" 5kg